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Our company was established in 1998 as first translation agency in Częstochowa. Ever since, the name GRUCA has been associated with reliability and timeliness of services. We provide best quality translations to most demanding clients in the region, whole Poland, and abroad.


Trustworthy partner who influences your image

Choosing proper translation agency is a strategic decision. Poor translation will make you look bad for you clients. Reliably prepared, delivered on time materials shape image and revenues of your company.

Cooperating with us you get 100% certainty of receiving a satisfactory, timely service at a price adequate to the workload of the order.


What makes us stand out:

Reliable timeliness

Keeping deadlines agreed with clients is our priority. We are proud that since establishment of the company, we have always fulfilled our obligations.


Extraordinary work speed

Business clients need many translations immediately, best if “done yesterday”. When required by the circumstances, we are able to be flexible, and execute super express orders while maintaining quality.


Care for words and quality of translation

Words are not only the carries of information, but also express important emotions and values.  We pay lots of attentions to language nuances so they are reflected in translation.


Our offer includes above 30 languages

We offer translation services for almost all European languages, and not only. Thanks to our network of cooperation with external translators, we are able to provide translation services for most non-standard language pairs.


Procedures based on ISO 17100

Taking care of all steps of translation process, we carry them out  in compliance with procedures provided by standard PN-EN ISO 17100:2015-06P.


Team work

Our translators, project managers, and IT service are outstanding when speaking about their engagement and personal culture: they guarantee politeness and concision at each and every step of the order execution.


Satisfied clients

We provide services to numerous authorities and companies, but also to natural persons. Our clients are ZUS [Social Insurance Company], City Hall, legal and patent offices, or courts.


Perfect work organization, which excludes failures.

All orders are performed
in compliance with norm PN-EN ISO 17100.


Professional translators

Translators who cooperate with us must prove their translation knowledge, i.e. meet one of the below criteria:

  • have diploma of higher education majoring in translations
  • have diploma of higher education majoring in any field and at least two years of experience in translations
  • documented 5 years of experience in translations


Care for procedures

While executing each order, we carry out the following activities:

  • present client our price offer and detail of the service along with delivery date
  • arrange other details, e.g. proofreading of native speaker, graphic services, or preparation of a glossary
  • appoint project manager, who supervises given order and cares for timeliness presenting information to parties involved
  • engage translator who has proper specialist knowledge
  • hand-over ready order to our proofreader


Guarantees of confidentiality

1. Third-party liability insurance policy for 300,000 PLN, POLICY TPP NO 32433916, which protects clients in the following areas: translation quality, timeliness, confidentiality and all activities related to the profession of a translator.

2. Most of our staff are sworn translators appointed by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland. An important element of their profession is absolute confidentiality. Their activities are regulated by the Act of 25 November 2004 on the profession of sworn translators (2004 No. 273 item 2702).

3. We carry out all activities of the translation process in accordance with the procedures listed in the international standard PN-EN ISO 17100: 2015-06. 

4. The Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data (2018, item 1000).

5. Each employee and associate is bound with our company with a confidentiality agreement.

6. We have been operating continuously since 1988. We have never compromised the rules of our profession.

7. For the past thirty years we have been translators at the request of state offices, judicial institutions [courts, police, prosecutor’s office], notaries, patent and legal offices, banks and thousands of companies, including international corporations. Our fifteen former employees enjoy recognition in institutions of the European Union as members of translation teams who provide ongoing translations to Member States. A few of our translators currently serve with the delegations of the Government of the Republic of Poland.